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CBD Oil – Island Therapeutics


Available in 3 different strengths

30 ml bottle

Whether you are seeking relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, leveling out a future high, or dealing with other various ailments that CBD has been shown to help alleviate, you will be sure to enjoy the effects of Island Therapeutics Zero THC CBD oil tincture. Handcrafted using the highest quality starting materials available, these pure tinctures are perfect for those of you looking for a zero-THC option and they will be sure to aid you on your medical journey to wellness.

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, MCT Oil.

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Hemp-based CBD Oil Tincture with zero THC from Island Therapeutics

Island Therapeutics zero-THC CBD oil tincture is derived from cannabis grown within the beautiful Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island, BC, where they specialize in handcrafted CBD infused natural healing remedies. Their passion in the cannabis industry shines through in all of the delicately fashioned products they produce for us wellness seeking Canadians.

This is a perfect CBD tincture for a variety of different ailments including anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, acne, etc.  You will be sure to notice the efficacy of this zero-THC CBD tincture once finding the perfect dose for you! Handcrafted using the purest and highest quality starting materials available, Island Therapeutics has really delivered a fabulous CBD Oil tincture and we are proud to offer it up to Canadians coast to coast.

Island Therapeutics uses CBD which is Lab Tested and comes from Canadian Grown Hemp.

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